Nathan Murray - 5’9
"CK1VERT has been a real game changer for me. At 5'9, I've already had a ton of bounce, able to get some cheeky rim grazers, but no athletic dunks at all. After just a short month of diligent use of the system, I was finding myself throwing down awesome flushes, and it made me feel great about myself. I've gained tons of explosiveness and it makes me a more confident player on the court. My fast break game has greatly improved at that is a key point to me at that guard position. I highly Recommend CK1VERT to any player who is either just inches away from that first dunk, or even players that just want to get up higher, whatever your motives, this is the program to do, affordable and fun"


Tedrick Wilcox -  6'4" 

"CK1VERT is the best jumping workout around. I've been doing jumping programs to increase my vertical since freshman year and the results were little to none. Last winter I could barely dunk, using the workout program over the summer turned me to an athlete and now I actually got a dunk package now. Want to increase your bounce rapidly just use CK1VERT , you'll see your whole game change."


Wesley Feliz - 6'5

"My experience with CK1VERT has been extremely helpful when helping become a better player. It made me more explosive when taking it to the rack and it made rebounds ways easier. CK1VERT has been one of the best programs I have used but one important rule is always ice up because it's helpful after the good work out."
Lionel Snow - 6’0
"To me [CK1VERT is ] the best program out and is very effective. I went from barely finger tipping the rim with two hands to throwing lobs to myself dunking with two hands and dunking off the dribble. I was never a two foot dunker, but now I can go up there and go get it. It’s definitely a process but the results are worth it! Some days I would have doubts but all I did was keep working and it paid off. I started doing some of the workouts back in March of 2017 when I found the page. I got my first dunk a month and half later. When CK1VERT was released in June was when I really started seeing results. Not just with dunking but with rebounding and my speed. I cut down my 100m time by a couple seconds. I’ve built a stronger core which is very important when it comes to this program. Most definitely I would recommend this to anyone else. As long as you’re willing to put the work in the sky is the limit. It’s affordable compared to other vert programs. Everything is well detailed in the program to walk you through each exercise."
Jay-Juan Hayes - 5’7
"I remember the first time I saw the @ck1sports [Instagram] page. It was around time my “little” brother started dunking, so of course I felt the need to see what the air felt like up there. I was thinking of what could take my game to the next level and separate me from those other small guards like myself. I decided to get it and since then I’ve just been trusting the process. CK1VERT has helped me take my game to new heights literally and show people to never tell me I can’t do something."
Matt Relihan - 6'5
"I started off as a kid who was struggling to find a solid workout plan that would actually work with helping me become more explosive and getting a higher vertical. Being a tall kid everyone expects you to dunk so easily, but it's not that simple for everyone, I wasn't given the god natural ability of jumping high. It's something I have to work at all the time. Once I found CK1VERT I went from barely dunking of one to being able to throw it down of two feet."
Michael Lewis - 6’0
"I feel like I’m just any other athlete who was trying to find a program that worked and wasn’t bull crap. I tried “Jumping like Jordan” and it was too exhausting then I bought Jacob Hiller’s “Jump Manual” and i never got to the program because email wouldn’t let me access it. So I was extremely frustrated and started asking around my gym what I should do. So I started doing different exercises that helped me jump higher slowly. One day I was on Instagram and found CK1VERT before he released the program and watching him jump just stunned me because he was shorter than me doing windmills and other ridiculous dunks. So I did a few exercises he released for free and did a couple technique improvements he told me to do and almost immediately I started dunking easily. At that moment I was hooked and as soon as the program released I immediately bought the program. I went from barely dunking one foot and barely touching rim off of two to dunking two hands on both one and two feet. I will always vouch for this program because it worked for me. It works so well because CK1 knows how to train their athletes perfectly to see the highest results. Thanks again!"
Achraf Sadouk - 6'6
"Before CK1VERT I was using different programs and didn't see the results I was looking for I couldn't dunk at all and only could grab the rim. But I joined the CK1VERT Jump Program and just loved it after 4 weeks I was dunking! The program great how it's only 3 times a week and works great with my schedule being a student athlete! Unlike other programs [ @ck1sports ] was there for me when I had questions unlike others that don't even open the message!"
Bryce Hulstein - 6’2 
"Using CK1VERT over the summer was one of the best things I’ve ever done as athlete. It got me from grabbing the rim all the time to dunking with ease. But not only that it made me faster as well and a better athlete in general. My brother only got to do the first phase this summer and you could tell he was more explosive after 1 phase. The program is effective, affordable, and very informative. If I had to do my summer over I would definitely use CK1VERT again."
Howard McBurnie - 6’3
"I started CK1VERT to improve 1 foot jumping originally but it did more than that. I gained maybe 1 1/2 inches in about 3 weeks. I caught my first dunk off one foot after using it. I can already dunk off two but that improved as well and I feel more explosive thanks to CK1VERT and I’m still using it."
Tony Barragan - 6’1 
"CK1VERT The work outs are all about how you put time into them honestly if you ask me. It wasn’t easy to dedicate myself to it but I wanted it bad enough that I thought it would work. 6 weeks of the program and I’m still using it and before I started I was only touching the rim and finally after 6 weeks I was able to dunk. There’s no secret to it you just have to devote yourself and a little bit of time."
Brent Finn - 6'0

"I've gone through CK1VERT one full time and it helped my bounce a lot.  I can get two hands off a self oop now and I feel a lot stronger.  I'm looking to get division I and II offers this season and CK1VERT has helped with that.  After my sophomore juco season is over I'm gonna go through it again and I'm expecting it to help even more."
Drew Keep - 6’4
"CK1VERT was extremely helpful in building my athletic ability. I could already inconsistently dunk but once starting I can now consistently slam off two steps
In only about 6 weeks. I’ve recommended this program to a lot of my friends."
Jimaal crump - 6’5 
"My experiences with CK1VERT was Dope. I always wanted to jump higher so I used to do workouts and I grew barley I started working on CK1VERT Jump Program I experienced different workouts that were more effective and I noticed a big difference when it came to my game days I was jumping higher than ever I prefer everybody join this program"

Jaedon Lieberg - 6’3

"I have tried other jump programs tbh and they increased my vertical by maybe one or two inches combined, but CK1VERT increased my vertical jump by 12 inches all by itself I was surprised for sure cause I have bought other more expensive jump programs that either messed with my knee or didn’t have the results you would want out of them. CK knows his stuff"

Gayo Isaya - 6’0 
"[ CK1VERT ] is probably the best vertical program I've ever went on, the workouts are easy to understand and it explains everything you need to know. Honestly I'm not sure how much my vertical increased but before I could barley dunk, but know I get up easy and consistently dunking when I get in the gym. Not only did my vertical went up but I feel like I'm faster and stronger lower body wise, get on  CK1VERT ] while you can."
Llewellyn Lloyd - 6'1
"I began CK1VERT bearly able to touch the rim of a 10' basketball hoop. CK1VERT helped my dramatically increase my vertical leap and eventually achieve my goal of dunking a basketball. It was an interesting process as I could not see any progress at all until each phase was completed. At the end of the phase suddenly it would seem that my vert had increased out of nowhere. It is a very well written program and can definitely help increase your vertical jump. You just have to be patient and trust the work that you put in."
Jay Thomas - 6’3
"My experience with CK1VERT is it gave me instant results and helped me so much on my game CK1VERT not only helps with just vertical and jumping it also helped me with my lateral quickness and my speed I feel a lot quicker than I did before doing the program. Before doing the program I could do your simple basic dunks but through out the process I became a more violent dunker instead of just doing nice easy dunks and people are starting to respect me more when I drive to the rim"
Michael Coogan - 6’0
"I have always wanted to dunk for as long as I could remember. I looked at various jump programs but CK1VERT stood out to me. I didn’t believe that it would really work until after each workout my jumping improved. I started the program in the beginning of summer and finished before my season. I could not dunk in the beginning of summer, but by the end, I was dunking effortlessly."