What CK1VERT Users Are Saying

Tedrick Wilcox - 6'4"

"CK1VERT is the best jumping workout around. I've been doing jumping programs to increase my vertical since freshman year and the results were little to none. Last winter i could barely dunk, using the workout program over the summer turned me to an athlete and now i actually got a dunk package now. Want to increase your bounce rapidly just use CK1VERT , you'll see your whole game change."

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Jaedon Lieberg - 6'2"

"I have tried other jump programs tbh and they increased my vertical by maybe one or two inches combined, but CK1VERT increased my vertical jump by 12 inches all by itself I was surprised for sure cause I have bought other more expensive jump programs that either messed with my knee or didn’t have the results you would want out of them. CK knows his stuff."


Gayo Isayo - 6'0"

"[ CK1VERT ] is probably the best vertical program I've ever went on, the workouts are easy to understand and it explains everything you need to know. Honestly I'm not sure how much my vertical increased but before I could barley dunk, but now I get up easy and consistently dunking when I get in the gym. Not only did my vertical go up but I feel like I'm faster and stronger lower body wise, get on [ CK1VERT ] while you can."


Howard McBurnie - 6'3"

"I started CK1VERT to improve 1 foot jumping originally but it did more than that. I gained maybe 1 1/2 inches in about 3 weeks. I caught my first dunk off one foot after using it. I can already dunk off two but that improved as well and I feel more explosive thanks to CK1VERT and I’m still using it."


Achraf Sadouk - 6'6"

"Before CK1VERT I was using different programs and didn't see the results I was looking for, I couldn't dunk at all and only could grab the rim. But I joined the CK1VERT Program and just loved it after 4 weeks I was dunking!"


Lionel Snow - 6'0"

"When CK1VERT was released in June was when I really started seeing results. Not just with dunking but with rebounding and my speed. I cut down my 100m time by a couple seconds. I’ve built a stronger core which is very important when it comes to this program."